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Anger Management : House maid version

There are very many emotions books explore, there are even self help books on how to find, control, hide and if you don’t have any of the above, heck there are books on how to treat your kind. You are normally under the term ‘sociopath’. Emotions can bring out the worst and best in each other, they rarely seem to bring out the ‘inbetween’.

They say love is the one emotion that should terrify you, and I do agree…it tends to bring out the crazy in people.

However while love is pretty powerful. The one that does terrify me is anger. Anger has been explored in many novels either as a self righteous emotion like in The Count of Monte Cristo that can lead to great things like justice or as a quick dangerous flash of explosion, there one second, gone the next.

But there is the one kind, the slow burning anger that just sits there at the bottom of your heart. It festers, simmers and is like a red haze that colors your vision and everything you do. It’s not over in a flash, and it’s the kind that people hang on to and it brings out the worst in people. The absolute worst.

This past weekend I was going to post something different, a lighter side of life than this, then I received a video. I couldn’t believe what had been sent. I even thought it was staged like some of those crazy videos making the rounds. Nope, it was a maid practicing her own version of anger management therapy. The video brought out the most bloodthirsty tendencies of it’s viewers. Me included. I accept the fact that if it had been me as the parent, that maid would not have made it to the hospital and or been found. Ever. And I would have to repent my sins at Christ the King and prepared myself for purgatory. As the instant fury and death threats aimed at the maid and those who supported her (looking at you Joweria), speculations were made into why she did it.

“madness, I tell you, she is mad”

“it was Satan!!! She is possessed”


All valid suggestions. It is hard not to attempt to reason that only the supernatural or mental illness could be behind this. I think however she was angry and it had been festering for a while and when she saw someone who was smaller, weaker, and most importantly could not hit back or say anything, she took out her frustrations, her anger and every bit of poison in her on that child. Perfectly logical and I bet she felt pretty relieved afterwards. She had let go of her anger.

In other words, she’s a bully. That’s it. It’s made worse because it was a child. But I have met bullies just like her, they might not use their fists and it might not be a child, but they are putting all their anger, frustrations and every bit of poison on someone who cannot or will not fight back. What the maid did simply brought out the true vision of all the bullying tactics we have ever engaged in in our lowest point in our lives and I bet we were just as relieved after. We just were never caught.

Instead of stating how outraged we are and issuing new (and really creative by the way) ways of killing the maid, could we take a moment to stop this kind of cruelty in our own lives? Are we bullies, even in the tiniest of ways? Have we seen it taking place, shrugged and walked away? Or are we the ones bullied? And if we are any of the above, what are we going to do about it?